Choosing FastComet Hosting Plan

Choosing the Right FastComet Hosting Plan For a Blog

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Every website and blog has different types of hosting requirements. The right hosting plan should be used to get the best results. So in this article, we have shared the guide to choosing the right FastComet Hosting plan for a blog and also we have shared with you an exclusive hosting coupon on that will help you get up to 70% discount on FastComet hosting plans.

So let’s begin…

FastComet hosting is an excellent web hosting provider in 2020. It provides all the services that a blog needs to run and grow. It offers all types of web hosting services for different types of blogs.

Blogs like a simple article blog, woo-commerce store, dynamic website, and many more. FastComet can fulfill the needs of these websites and blogs.

However, it is important to choose the right hosting plan according to the website’s needs. so that all the resources and tools can be perfectly utilized. Otherwise using any hosting will result in fewer or more resources. having less recourse will cause the website to run inefficiently and having more will increase the cost.

It is hard for beginners to pick the right hosting due to insufficient hosting knowledge. So here we are to help beginners to choose the right FastComet hosting plan.

First, we will start with the brief introduction of FastComet hosting. so that beginners can have strong knowledge.

FastComet Hosting

FastComet is an independent global web hosting solution. it was founded in 2013 as a small web hosting solution provider and now it is managing millions of websites. it has gained a lot of genuine clients who are happy with the service and features.

FastComet Hosting Plan

FastComet has become the user’s top choice for hosting solutions in 2020. It has been awarded many badges. Such as 100% customer satisfaction, excellent customer support, and many more.

FastComet’s idea is to provide everyone the power to host online business at affordable prices. That is why all of their plans and services are very affordable. It has all types of plans to sever all sizes of websites and blogs.

FastComet provides 24/7/365 support services that are always active to serve the clients. there is no downtime in the support service. it is available all day of the weeks and month. So the client can quickly resolve their problems and get excellent advice.

FastComet doesn’t keep their client at stress and risk. So they offer a free migration service which lets the client sit back while the work is being done. All the website data and domain name gets migrated within 24 hours from old host to new host.

100% customer satisfaction is very important to FastComet hosting. they offer complete freedom and risk-free hosting plans. the client can cancel the plan if they don’t get satisfied. All their money will be refunded.

This way the client doesn’t have to keep using the service. they have 45 days to test the service and decide to continue or not.

Now, let’s see all the hosting plans that FastComet offers.

FastComet Hosting plans

There are different types of plans like WordPress hosting, Magento hosting, woo-commerce hosting. This hosting is for specific applications and. All these services are available in all the below hosting plans.

FastComet Hosting Plans

1. Shared Hosting

In shared hosting, many clients have to share a single server. this way the cost becomes less and everyone can easily afford it. it has all the tools and resources a website needs.

However, there is a drawback to shared hosting. it can become slow or get down because of other websites’ heavy traffic load.

FastComet Shared Hosting

That is why shared hosting is used for a basic and simple website.

2. VPS Cloud Hosting

VPS cloud hosting is an advanced hosting plan in FastComet hosting. it offers a virtual server for a single client. There are no other clients on the same server. this eliminates the server overload problem as in shared hosting.

In VPS cloud hosting adding resources becomes very easy and fast than shared hosting. it is capable of handling a large amount of traffic load. as there is no other website on the same server. so there will be no slow speed and server down.

All the resources will be utilized by a single website or blog. Providing a single server to each user is a bit costly. So the VPS cloud hosting plan is a bit expensive than shared hosting. it includes all the resources and tools of shared hosting and also has extra features.

3. Dedicated CPU Hosting

Dedicated CPU hosting is designed for performing heavy computation and processing. These CPUs are capable of handling heavy traffic load on the website. it is mostly used by big companies for serving advanced websites and applications. Like video processing, machine learning, rendering, etc.

In dedicated hosting, a large amount of resources and CPU power is offered with other premium tools. so that heavy applications can easily run on the servers. it is expensive than shared and VPS cloud hosting because of its powerful service.

Conclusion on Choosing Right FastComet Hosting Plan for a blog

As we have seen all the types of web hosting plans that FastComet offers. to choose the right hosting plan, first, you have to identify the website type and needs. it is very simple to identify.

First, analyze the traffic load on the website. see how much traffic your website is getting monthly. How much space and processor it needs.  after that search for these services in the hosting plans.

For example, if you create a new blog then shared hosting is the perfect plan. After some time when the resource demand starts increasing then upgrade it to a higher plan. Like VPS cloud hosting.

If you have an application or website that does a lot of CPU intensive tasks then choose a Dedicated hosting plan.

In these plans, there are furthermore plans for different resource amounts. So it can be upgraded anytime with just a few clicks.

So, now you have got an idea about FastComet hosting plans. there are huge discount offers on FastComet hosting website. go and grab the FastComet coupon code to get 60% off on all hosting plans.

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